The White Lotus

Aug, 16th 2021

HBO's buzzy new show made me not okay
Ugh. I'm still not recovered from the season 1 finale of HBO’s buzzy new miniseries The White Lotus, plus I don’t want to reveal any spoilers, so here is a text thread instead between my best friend, Jillian Ramirez, and I in the days leading up to the highly anticipated finale. Oh and I'm sorry for the blurry screenshots. I am not a technologist and don't know how to make them less blurry. 

Jill Ramirez is a full-time marketing coordinator in the non-profit sector, exploring identity and diversity in her free time through reading and creative writing. She is also Mikki Hernandez's best friend. The beautiful tropical fish Ann to her whacky Leslie Knope self. 

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