A Night with H.E.R.

Aug, 16th 2021

Photo Credit: Hollywood Bowl
“You know what I love? R&B music.” Words that speak to my soul from the effortlessly cool H.E.R. Who? H.E.R.  - one of the most talented living musicians of my generation. Okay, maybe she’s not “my generation” but I can pretend that I’m Gen Z for a second. The 24-year old lit up the iconic stage at the Hollywood Bowl Friday night, to an enthusiastic sold-out crowd. Playing hits from her latest album Back of My Mind as well as OG tracks “Focus”, “I’m Not Okay”, and “Hard Way”, she really did solidify that she is so fucking talented. Cruising across the stage in a silky gold matching set donning red-orange shades, she exuberated genuine excitement for her return to the stage, saying she never expected she’d be playing along with the LA Philharmonic and Mr. Dudamel. 

Now I’m not going to pretend to be a music critic and analyze her performance track by track. I’m simply going to say that it feels so nice to be back in the presence of live performers and that I admire and appreciate artists so much. Their ability to give themselves so openly to a body of strangers, where a smile or a shimmy makes me immediately mimic their smile and shimmy is a pure delight. I caught myself tearing up (it doesn’t take much, tbh) watching the orchestra play, noting that most of the musicians probably couldn’t play as an ensemble for well over a year. Art in my opinion is best when experienced as a community, so this was such a treat to feel the music and energy of the audience under the cool night sky. H.E.R. took me on an emotional ride, inspiring me to continue to pursue my dreams, sign up for piano lessons and buy extensions immediately. 

Get vaccinated. Go to a concert. Dance with friends. Kiss your lover. Count your blessings. That’s all. 

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