Cake Mix Shop Updates - January 2022

Jan, 14th 2022

Cake Mix in the Wild
Cake Mix has been available for three months and the reception has been incredible! In addition to being sold online, it is now available in indie bookstores in the Bay Area, Central Valley, Los Angeles and Providence, Rhode Island. My intern Vivian has been crucial in reaching out to stores and we plan on having the book available in many states across the U.S. (and hopefully Canada!) Make a stop if you're in any of these areas and support these impactful local businesses. 

Indie Bookstore Partners (January 2022):
Revolution Books - Berkeley, CA
Petunia’s Place - Fresno, CA
Skylight Books - Los Angeles, CA (Los Feliz)
The Pop-Hop - Los Angeles, CA (Highland Park)
Marcus Books - Oakland, CA
Symposium Books - Providence, RI
Underground Books - Sacramento, CA
Christopher’s Books - San Francisco, CA 

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