Cake Mix: Learning to Love All Your Ingredients

Cake Mix: Learning to Love All Your Ingredients is a picture book for children ages 5-8. The story features a young mixed-race girl named Remy, whose first encounter with the intrusive question, “What are you?” sends her on a journey towards self-acceptance. Feeling confused about where she belongs, Remy learns about ethnicity and what it means to be mixed by doing her favorite activity with her mother—baking a cake! Remy discovers being mixed is something to be proud of. When she returns to school, Remy shares with her classmates the importance and deliciousness of celebrating different backgrounds."

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***2022 FINALIST Next Generation Indie Book Awards*** 

This book is so special. My children are M I X E D and it is crucial for them to have books like this where they can see themselves represented. Moreover, books like these need to be in every. single. classroom. This story is wonderful to teach ALL children that we come from different backgrounds, but still have so many similarities that bring us together. Not everyone has to be just like us. They're not worse, or better, just different. 
              - @BooksGrowMinds

Hernandez’s sweet analogy is simple but kid friendly and may prompt meaningful conversations for young readers and their parents—along with a baking project or two... An informative, thoughtful story that encourages appreciation of diverse backgrounds.
               - Kirkus Reviews