What we’re all about.

We’re about celebrating the spaces between. Inviting intersection. Opening circles of perspective. And building a cultural, creative & collaborative hub that explores and expands our understanding of identity. We’re MixedKids&Co. A space where hyphens — create a new tone.

Where inclusivity vibrates. And where tapping into who you are creates the community that we are. We’re a space where labels are multi-layered. Boxes don’t need to be checked off. And ideas & stories are shared proudly and boldly, inspiring curiosity, imagination, joy, laughter, and empathy. Through dialogues & interviews, literature & film, visual art, mixed media & more we are a community that can bridge division and change the world. Welcome to a space for all shades. Yours.

A Note From the Founder

As a mixed person who grew up in a predominantly white, rural town, my ethnic identity has gone through many stages. It started off with a lot of mystery and trying to fill in the blanks. Then it evolved into imposter syndrome of not knowing if I could fully claim to be this or that. I was “the token black girl” at school but the family I knew was mostly Mexican-American with Indigenous roots who all primarily spoke English to me.

When I moved to Los Angeles to attend college, I was introduced to more diversity, however, I still grappled with where I belonged. In my mid-twenties, a DNA test kind of helped me spew out a more accurate response to the question, “What are you?” I had proof to say I was African-American, Mexican-American, Indigenous, Spanish, Polish, Jewish, amongst being 1% of like 20 other things. But then my confidence was challenged when I was constantly being told that my career as an actress could benefit if I would just “choose” a race.

The culmination of all the years of constantly questioning who I am has taken a toll however it’s provided me with an ongoing shift in perspective which I believe is valuable. It’s allowed me to connect with a variety of people, has taught me empathy for others’ experiences, and has encouraged me to believe humans really are better when they embrace the idea of having a mix of different faces and voices in the same room.

My intention in creating MixedKids&Co is to create a space that celebrates diversity in a truly inclusive way. Not as a method of tokenizing or lumping people of color into a monolith. But really showing the beauty of identity as an active rather than locked component of humanity. It is for people who identify as mixed and also for anyone who feels pulled in more than one direction. Whether you are an immigrant, first-generation, raising mixed kids, adopted, or have any other multicultural experience. I want this to be a space for curious “monoracial” people too (ugh, that term is so weird). Overall, I hope to build a community that inspires, challenges, and ultimately brings people together.

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